Cheltenham’s exciting new brasserie opens

PUBLISHED: 16:16 01 May 2019 | UPDATED: 16:16 01 May 2019

Innovative flavours can be expected from the classic and modern European dishes

Innovative flavours can be expected from the classic and modern European dishes


Muse Brasserie will officially open in Cheltenham in May

Muse Brasserie, an exciting restaurant offering Modern European cuisine, will open its doors to foodies in Cheltenham on Thursday, May 2.

Located at 60 St George's Place, Muse Brasserie brings together a world of innovative flavours to classic and modern European dishes under the careful eye of award-winning chef director, Franck-Jean-Pierre Grillet.

Muse is a reflection of Franck's culinary journey and leads with a classic French theme but also offering so much more. Spices from the Indian subcontinent and Far East will play a big part in adding a subtle twist to those well-known European and Local British favourites.

Award-winning chef director, Franck-Jean-Pierre GrilletAward-winning chef director, Franck-Jean-Pierre Grillet

Carefully selected ingredients from some of the best local producers and farmers, a typical dish on Muse Brasserie's menu may be a Blood Orange Glazed Duck Breast, with Baby Vegetables and Sweet Potato Mash or a Cod Loin with Bombay Purple Potatoes in a mildly spiced Moilee Sauce.

Business partner to Franck, Limon Rahman, a restaurateur with 15 years' experience, who has appeared on Channel 4's Tips of the Restaurant Trade and ITV's Britain's Best Dish, said: “Cheltenham is a striking town with beautiful people and surrounded by amazing eateries. Muse Brasserie intends to uphold and exceed expectations to deliver tasty food at very moderate prices. Experimenting, innovating and re-inventing, means cuisines have never been as exciting as they are now.”

Inspired throughout his illustrious career working in the hospitality sector, including a stint at a Parisian 2 Michelin starred establishment, it was actually his longstanding friendship with, business partner and continental chef, Pramod Tirungari that inspired him to open his own restaurant. The duo have worked together for over a decade, opening up Franck's eyes to the combination of spices and unique ingredients to classical cooking techniques.

With the belief that perfection is never achieved but ambition and inspiration help to edge just that little closer to the goal, Franck enthused: “Having worked in so many restaurants in France and England, the most satisfying thing for me was to see the contentment in the customer's face after a meal. For me, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than doing a job that I love. Muse Brasserie will be my first platform to showcase what I have been learning for the past three decades.”

A modern restaurant, Muse Brasserie is ideal for intimate occasions as well as large family or corporate events. So, whether it's a leisurely lunch, a sophisticated evening dinner, or a flight

through the tasting menu, Muse Brasserie promises to be the perfect place to enjoy great food and wine in wonderful setting.

To find out more, or to reserve a table, visit musebrasserie.com. You can also find Muse Brasserie on Facebook and Instagram.

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